Gifted Education

DSC_2193 (2)The Gifted and Talented Program provides students with challenging academic experiences based on their abilities and needs. The DPS Gifted and Talented process offers multiple opportunities and pathways for student identification in the following areas:
  • Specific academic aptitude (reading, writing math, science, social studies, and world language)
  • Specific talent aptitude (visual or performing arts, musical, dance or psychomotor abilities creative or productive thinking and/or leadership abilities)
  • General or specific intellectual ability

The individualized instruction in our Gifted and Talented Program prepares participating students to take advantage of advanced academic opportunities in middle and high school. We place students in project- based learning groups, which are taught by qualified classroom teachers and supported by our school’s Gifted and Talented specialist. Other current research- and teaching-based models are also incorporated into classrooms to provide a differentiated, challenging learning experience.

Gifted Education & Challenge Opportunities at Willow:

At Willow, we are thrilled to have so many students whose reading and math skills are advanced beyond their current grade-level. Here are the programs we implemented to enhance and further develop our opportunities for students to be challenged.