Personalized Learning

DSC_2328 (1) (1)Personalized learning pairs classroom instructional time with technology resulting in a personalized learning plan for each student that is tailored to his or her academic needs. Personalized learning provides students the opportunity to have a voice and a choice in what they learn and how to learn. It also provides a system for teachers to frequently measure student growth and achievement.

We use a variety of techniques.  When you visit our school you will see students receiving targeted, direct instruction from a teacher; students working with a teacher in small groups; students collaborating with one another; and students working individually at computers to complete research-based online programs and teacher-created or and project based activities.

Personalized learning allows students to master content at their own pace.



Willow ON CPR:

Willow (formerly High Tech Elementary School) was recently highlighted on Colorado Public Radio for its unique approaches to personalized learning.

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