Teacher Coaching

Teacher Coaching at HTESEvery Willow teacher participates in regular coaching cycles throughout the school year. Content is based on each teacher’s identified area of professional growth. Coaching can come in many different forms:

  • Modeling
  • Co-teaching
  • Observation with feedback
  • Planning lessons together
  • Book study
  • Just-In-Time coaching

Lab Classroom

The lab classroom is an in-house professional development model that takes place in a host teacher’s room during the normal school day, framed by a pre-observation meeting and a debriefing session. Like surgical theaters where doctors observe actual operations in progress to hone their techniques, the lab classroom provides an authentic opportunity for colleagues to see ideas in practice. Because the model provides for several sessions throughout the year, teachers have the opportunity to share and discuss the successes and challenges of their independent practice with their colleagues.

For more information, read: Demonstrating Teaching in a Lab Classroom