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In response to the COVID-19 global health crisis, Denver Public Schools has developed this remote learning plan so our students can continue learning while our school buildings are closed. This plan represents DPS’ commitment to making every effort to ensure the that learning of each and every Denver student continues to be successful.

This plan is founded on the following principles: (1) supporting continuous instruction, (2) providing access for all students, and (3) maintaining connectedness to the community. (Read entire DPS Remote Learning Plan)

Willow Plan: The Willow staff is committed to providing engaging, remote learning opportunities that support students and families while continuing the trajectory of learning for all children. Watch video message from Dr. Gile

Remote Learning at Willow Elementary has been designed to ensure:

  • Continuity in learning scope-and-sequence – Teachers will design remote learning opportunities that both reviews and picks-up where we left off in the learning that was taking place prior to our break.
  • Flexibility for students and families – We have created a weekly menu format that will support families to have the flexibility to create a daily/weekly learning schedule that works best for your circumstance.
  • Streamlined online platforms and resources – We have organized the learning opportunities through one central platform by grade-level to streamline and simplify the remote learning experience for families.
  • Opportunities for students and families to stay connected with school staff – We are creating opportunities for staff to connect with students and families in multiple ways (office hours, daily check-ins, morning meetings, online meetings, etc.).


How will we receive our communication from the school and teachers?

School Flyer App
  • We will continue to use our School Flyer App as a means for communication with families.
  • Teachers will push out communication directly to parents via the app throughout the week.
  • ECE (ONLY) will use the School Flyer App to push out daily lessons to ECE families. Learn more about ECE Remote Learning
Willow Weekly Newsletter

We will continue to send out our Willow Weekly Newsletter on Thursdays to provide general updates and information for the entire school community via the email address you provided the school at registration. If you are not receiving the newsletter, email Janis_Dickman@dpsk12.org to be added to the distribution list.


All Willow staff will be accessible via email. Teaching staff will set up office hours for families to email them directly and connect with questions. Staff Office Hours / Staff Emails


Google Classroom


Daily Attendance

We will be collecting daily attendance for students in grades Kindergarten – 5th grade. Each day we will ask parents/guardians to complete this online attendance survey by noon.  We will share the link to the attendance survey on the school flyer app each morning. We will also include the link in our “Morning Message” post in google classroom.


How will I know what assignments my child needs to complete each day?

  • Students will be given a weekly menu of assignments to complete through Google Classroom at 9:00 AM each Monday. Example of Willow Weekly Remote Learning Assignment Menu
  • Students have the entire week to complete the menu of assignments. This will allow your family the flexibility to create a schedule that works best for you and your home situation. Willow Elementary Example Daily Schedule for Remote Learning
  • Students will have from Monday to Monday (9:00 AM) to complete each week’s menu of work.
  • Teachers will be setting up weekly study sessions through Google Meets that will provide students with the opportunity to receive direct support from their teachers when needed. Invitations to these Google Meet sessions will be sent through the Google Classroom.


Log-In Information

*You can find your child’s student number/lunchnumber in DPS Parent Portal .  Watch this video for step-by-step directions on how to find your child’s number in parent portal.

Google Classroom (K-5)

User Name:  Student Number/LunchNumber@dpsk12.net (111111@dpsk12.net)

Password:  Full Birth Date (01012001)

*Here is a quick Google Login Cheat Sheet on how to trouble shoot.


Brain Pop (All Grades)

User Name:  hightechelem

Password:  dpsbrainpop


Zearn (K-5)

User Name: Student Number/Lunch Number (111111)

Password:  Full Birth Date (01012001)


Lalilo (K-1)


User Name: The email you provided when you created your child’s account

Password: The password you chose when you created your child’s account


Common Lit (3-5)

User Name:  Student Number/LunchNumber@dpsk12.net (111111@dpsk12.net)

Password:  Full Birth Date (01012001)

*Here is a quick Google Login Cheat Sheet on how to trouble shoot.


Readworks.org (2nd Grade)

User Name:  Student Number/LunchNumber@dpsk12.net (111111@dpsk12.net)

Password:  Full Birth Date (01012001)

*Here is a quick Google Login Cheat Sheet on how to trouble shoot.


SORA (All Grades)

User Name:  Student Number/Lunch Number (111111)

Password:  Full Birth Date (01012001)

Istation (K-5)*

User Name: Student Number/Lunch Number (111111)

Password:  Full Birth Date (01012001)

*Istation requires initial set up when you first use it. Watch this video for the step-by-step directions!


Tech Support:

How to set up a device for remote learning?
How do I get support during the day?
  • General Tech support will be provide by Denver Public Schools – Call 720-423-3163 during the hours of 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Mr. Taff is available to provide tech support with Willow specific questions Monday-Friday between 9:00AM and 1:00 PM . Email your questions to hunter_taff@dpsk12.org and he will respond to you as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Tech Questions:

How do I access the Playworks daily Recess?