Dr. Amy Gile

Executive Direct of Teaching and Learning

Janis Dickman

Director of Culture & Community Engagement

Shauntay Larson

Assistant Dean of Culture

Classroom Teachers

Rachel Adler

ECE, 3-Year-Old Program

Christine Gibb

ECE, 4-Year-Old Program

Laura Schmidt

ECE, 4-Year-Old-Program

Support Specialists

Lou (Lourdes) Gonzalez

Reading/Math Intervention & Teacher Leader

Amy Infante

Read/Math Intervention & Teacher Leader

Brittany Philipsen

Reading/Math Intervention & Teacher Leader

Trisha Pshak

Reading Interventionist

Joy Carreno

English Language Acquisition

Allison Valvo

Special Education Teacher

Megan West

Special Education Teacher

Elizabeth Busch

Speech Language Therapist

Jenna Halder

Occupational Therapist

Misty Schroeder

School Counselor To visit Ms. Schroeder's website, click the link below:

Cybeles Onuegbulem

School Psychologist To visit Ms. Onuegbulem's website, click the link below:

Project Based Learning Team

Elizabeth Babowice

Project Based Learning Coordinator

Elisabeth Cook

Project Based Learning

Felicia Pugh

Project Based Learning & Teacher Leader

Breanna Becker

Project Based Learning/Gifted and Talented

Specials Team

Karen Casner

Spanish Enrichment To visit Ms. Casner's website, click the link below:

Zach Hodges

Physical Education