Mission, Vision & Core Values


The Willow Elementary School mission is to successfully blend a project-based learning environment, a rigorous 21st century curriculum and a high standard of excellence. We are committed to providing an environment that emphasizes learning as an interactive process. We focus on every student’s individual needs to ensure that all students succeed. We strive to develop critical thinkers who are caring, confident and lifelong learners in a diverse community.


Learning at Willow is grounded in a technology-enhanced, personalized, project-based approach. All students are immersed in the learning process through exploration, discussion, and reflection. Students, think, work, and create something together that demonstrates a new understanding. We foster in our students a joy and passion for learning and the development of important qualities including integrity, character, fairness, and accountability. The curriculum is rigorous, yet developmentally appropriate, providing a strong foundation for success. Students build upon what they learn in preparation for the next grade.

Core Values

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